Monday, August 16, 2010

Coming performance~

1. National Day Festival (IPG KK)

The songs selected (either 2)
Align Center

Nyalakan azam membumbung
padukan tekad nan waja
songsongi ombak bergulung
menuju ke pulau cita.

Setitis jadikan laut
sekepal jadikan gunung
namamu kelak disebut
jasamu kelak disanjung.

Nyalakan tekad di hujung cita
sama muafakat ke puncak jaya
sembah setia sepenuh jiwa
untuk nusa dan negara.

Kan megah langit dijunjung
rela bumi nan dipijak
kan megah ibu mengandung
putera puterinya berjasa.


Sungguh gemilang negeriku
Yang kupuja oh tanah airku
Dimerata dunia harum semerbak
Namamu oh Malaysia
Diseluruh dunia negaraku
Yang berdaulat negaraku

Aman makmur kaya-raya
Selama-lama hidup maju jaya
Dan tanah pusaka
Negaraku yang berdaulat dan merdeka

Tanah pusaka bertuah
Berbagai bangsa didalamnya
Hidup aman dan bersama
Bertekun kerja untuk Malaysia

Musuh melanggarku gempur
Sungguh rela kugugur kerana
Kau tanah pusaka
Biar putih tulang jangan putih mata


Puji dan syukur pada IlahiAnugerahnya tiada terhingga
Kedamaian kemakmuran
Malaysiaku bahagia
Dengan tekad untuk berjaya
Berbakti pada nusa dan bangsa
Kami junjung cita-cita luhur
Perpaduan seluruh negeri
Seia sekata sehati sejiwa
Menghadapi cabaran
Kami sedia kami setia
Berkorban untuk negara
Bersemarak Malaysia tercinta
Kibarkan panji kebesarannya
Kami rela menjaga namamu
Sejahtera Malaysia

*To all members... please memorise~

2nd performance in august
(Welcoming ceremony for the PPISMP and KPLI JUN 2010 intake)


For the beauty of the earth
For the beauty of the skies
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies
Over and around us lies
Lord of all to the we raise
This our joyfull hymn of praise

For the beauty of the hour
of the day and of the night
Hill and vale and tree and flow'r
Sun and moon and stars of light
sun and moon and stars of light
Lord of all to the we raise
This our jouyfull hymn of praise

For the joy of human love
Brother sister parents child
Friends on earth and friends above
For a gentle thoughts and mild
for a gentle thoughts and mild
Lord of all to the we raise
this our joyfull of hymn of praise...

For each perfect gift of thine
To our race so freely given
Graces human and divine
Flow'r on earth and buds of heaven
Flowr's on eart and buds of heaven
Lord of all to the we raise
This our joyful hymn of praise
This our joyfull hymn of praise~

Thursday, August 5, 2010


After practice and rehears many time,
finally it's time to us to perform our effort.
Praise the Lord, we all did our best~

I know we all improve!
Thanks to God again~
we felt so happy~
And here are some of the moments that have been captured by the Mr. DSLR~

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After faced a lot of obstacle, finally we performed!
The sound system - i'm not really sure about the quality but i'm sure that the members has given their best among the best. Congratulation to all.
After 29 Mei, 29 July has been a biggest day to all of us~
And the moment was trapped by the Mr. DSLR~
Enjoy it~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Music Therapy

Listening to music does wonders to alleviate stress. Please note that everyone has different tastes in music. Listen to the music that you feel comfortable. Sitting down and forcing yourself to listen to relaxation music that you don't like may create stress, not alleviate it.

Music has always been a great healer. In the Bible, we learn about how David played the harp to help ease his severe depression of King Saul .

Music is a significant mood-changer and reliever of stress, working on many levels at once.


Play a tune on the guitar and sing along. That works even in the worst of times. By the time I'm done with the song, I've breathed deep, I've controlled myself to some degree to be able to sing on key :-), and I've come back into myself, and more into the real time moment.

Internet Discussion Forum

Many experts suggest that it is the rhythm of the music or the beat that has the calming effect on us although we may not be very conscious about it. They point out that when we were a baby in our mother's womb, we probably were influenced by the heart beat of our mother. We respond to the soothing music at later stages in life, perhaps associating it with the safe, relaxing, protective environment provided by our mother.

Music can be one of the most soothing or nerve wracking experiences available. Choosing what will work for any individual is difficult, most will choose something they 'like' instead of what might be beneficial. In doing extensive research on what any given piece of music produces in the physiological response system many unexpected things were found. Many of the so-called Meditation and Relaxation recordings actually produced adverse EEG patterns, just as bad as Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. The surprising thing was many selections of Celtic, Native American as well as various music containing loud drums or flute were extremely soothing. The most profound finding was Any music Performed Live and even at moderately loud volumes even if it was somewhat discordant had very a beneficial response. Whenever the proper sounds were experienced an amazing right/left brain hemisphere synchronization occurred. The normal voltage spiking pattern changed to a smooth sinusoidal waveform and the usual voltage differential equalized. The entire human energetic system is extremely influenced by sounds, the physical body and chakra centers respond specifically to certain tones and frequencies. Special consideration should be given to the positive effects of one actually playing or creating music themselves.

Among the first stress-fighting changes that take place when we hear a tune is an increase in deep breathing. The body's production of serotonin also accelerates.

Music was found to reduce the pain during dental procedures.

Playing music in the background while we are working, seemingly unaware of the music itself, has been found to reduce the stress.

Music was found to reduce heart rates and to promote higher body temperature - an indication of the onset of relaxation. Combining music with relaxation therapy was more effective than doing relaxation therapy alone.

Maximizing With Music Therapy

As we mentioned before, there is not a single music that is good for everyone. People have different tastes. It is important that you like the music being played.

The following are general guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of the music.

To wash away stress, try taking a 20-minute "sound bath." Put some relaxing music on your stereo, then lie in a comfortable position on a couch or on the floor near the speakers. For a deeper experience, you can wear headphones to focus your attention and to avoid distraction.

Choose music with a slow rhythm - slower than the natural heart beat which is about 72 beats per minute. Music that has repeating or cyclical pattern is found to be effective in most people.

As the music plays, allow it to wash over you, rinsing off the stress from the day. Focus on your breathing, letting it deepen, slow and become regular. Concentrate on the silence between the notes in the music; this keeps you from analyzing the music and makes relaxation more complete.

If you need a stimulation after a day of work, go for a faster music rather than slow calming music.

When going gets tough, go for a music you are familiar with - such as a childhood favorite or favorite oldies. Familiarity often breeds calmness.

Take walks with your favorite music playing on the walkman. Inhale and exhale in tune with the music. Let the music takes you. This is a great stress reliever by combining exercise (brisk walk), imagery and music.

Listening to the sounds of nature, such as ocean waves or the calm of a deep forest, can reduce stress. Try taking a 15- to 20-minute walk if you're near the seashore or a quiet patch of woods. If not, you can buy tapes of these sounds in many music stores.